Water pump or Natural Gas related?

Greetings everyone.

Got a quick question for you, I was inspecting a large property and found this by the well pump house. At first I thought it was for natural gas, as there is a natural gas well on site that comes with the property, but the gas well is about 300 yards away on the other end of the property.

There is a dug well next to it as well, but its pretty dilapidated and with the pump house here with it’s pump, I’m not as sure what it is.

So I pose the question to those more knowledgeable: what does it look like to you? Dug well pump or natural gas related? I’m leaning more towards old well pump after further review. Thanks a ton for any thoughts.

I am also putting pictures of the dug well (it’s just off camera up top) and of the pumps in the pump house if that helps.

Justin, if you fill out your profile to show your location you may get a more local response. To me the first picture looks like gas. The second must be your dug well with a cover? the third picture is definitely water.



Thanks for letting me know! I went ahead and updated that.
And thanks for your response. The piping and regulator looked like gas, but the pressure valve and location had me second guessing. There is that gas heater in the pump house (left had side on the wall in the picture), it may pertain to that.

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Welcome to our forum, Justin!..Enjoy! :smile:

P.S. I agree with Bob.

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