Water Quality Verbiage

I was wondering if anyone had any verbiage for selling water quality tests, or if/when you recommend it. I’m trying to write something up and am coming up very short, and trying not to try and sound like a door to door salesman of some sort.

I do not sell this service. But if I did, I would focus more on the service, price and turn-around time.

Everyone has concerns about water quality. We offer water quality testing for lead, blah blah… Testing cost $19.95 and you will have certified results within (?) days. (then list a few credentials)

Note: If it is for your website, after you make that quick introductory. You can add all the content you want which is helpful to your site.

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All I have to do in my county is take a water sample to the Health Department. It’s free and results within a day or so.