Water Softner Inspections

Since FL has a ton of softener systems, what do other inspectors generally do when they run across them. Do you disclaim, visually inspect, or manually cycle the equipment to ensure its works as advertised?

Ignore it.

Just report its there, information only. Not inspected

What good would that do?
A pure waste of time.

And disclaim it.

How do you do that ?

I can see the comment now!
" The dwelling contains a water softener. I don’t know how the friggin thing works so instead of looking like a fool I advise that you find someone that know what the hells going on with this contraption for a more definitive answer".
Now on the other hand…If and only if you know what you are talking about then write it up.
Big difference!

This is what I add to my report

Thank you for a professional response.

Wouldn’t do good, plus tell that to a judge when it goes to court. Better to disclaim in your inspection report.

I hate to admit it but I would go with JS’s wording.

I disclaim water softener but still look to see where it drains when it regenerate.

Sometimes it drains into the septic which is not ideal, sometimes it drains directly into the sewer without a trap and without an air break. This is a safety issue and gets mentioned in the report.

· Unless specifically noted in your report, we do not inspect the following: clothes washing connections, wells, pumps, or water storage related equipment, water conditioning systems, solar water heating systems, fire and lawn sprinkler systems.

61.30.806 of the State standards:

(3) The inspector is not required to inspect:
(a) Wells or water storage related equipment;
(b) Water conditioning systems;

Nice, John…professional, indeed. :slight_smile:

Why when it is clearly stated in the FL SOP that it isn’t inspected?
That is why I send the SOP and my license to the clients before inspection.
Anyone who would go to court over a $500-1500 machine would be crazy anyways. Out of pocket would be what I would do.

Why is it going to court?

I refer them to a water systems specialist for the best performance, typically a well driller, since almost all of my systems here are associated with a well.

Since this thread has gotten a bit silly let me chime in.

I used to service water softeners from several brands.

If you imagine as a home inspector that you are qualified to test one for proper operation in a few minutes let me put that to rest.


For those of you who make any claim about their condition, please explain how you have any assurance of their proper operation.

I know how to verify them and won’t do it EVER on a home inspection.

I agree with that, but the question is to note it or not.

Its not part of any SOP that I am aware of.

I take a picture of the mechanical area to document it.

Often they are leased units and I tell my client verbally to check with the owner.