Hey Nick. How about...

A course on water softener systems. I don’t see many and when I see the more fancy kind round here I don’t know much about them.

Agree. 99% of all homes in MN use them. I constantly see new styles every year, and honestly it gets so I have no clue what if any differences there are between them.


I like the idea. We currently exclude softeners. With good training we might include them.

Yes I agree also and with it you can add the top Water filter systems.

Excellent idea Sean…

Even with training there is no way to test, as a water treatment cycle takes hours. The training is a great idea, just keep softeners excluded from the SoP.

Good point Joe,
But, if you do recall checks, make sure you include water softeners:

That’s a great idea!

I wonder if there are anymore courses that all of us could have used at one time or another. Maybe it’s time to fire up the camera crew and add some new material for NACHI TV?

There’s no such thing as too much education, right? I love the NACHI videos, but have seen them all a handful of times. Some new ones, perhaps featuring some great members (Russ? Mr. Pope?) would be a great benefit to all members.

Only a suggestion…:slight_smile:

Personally, I’d love to see several videos on the execution of a large commercial job. Starring Nick Gromicko! From inspecting, consulting to the final presentation. Would be nice.

I’d also like to see maybe a condo or modular home video or both. They are rare in my area but I’m sure there are some great tips and techniques that could be shared among the membership by those who do them often?

On it.

Thank you! :smiley:

That’s a great idea.
I used to disclaim them in my reports simply because I didn’t know enough.

Send me sources of information that you think would be helpful in the development of a course, and I put one together. And give you contribution credit.

How’s that sound?

And you should continue too.

I know about quite a few different types and used to service them both residential and commercial.

It would be far too time consuming to inspect them for proper operation and set up.

Basic functions Mike. Comparable to a HVAC… limited, which is a heck of a lot more than most clients get now.

Sorry, but it won’t tell you anything useful for your client IMHO.

It can take an hour or more just to do a quick cycle and some of the control systems are very complicated.

You can learn how they operate but using that info for a home inspection seems to be of little value.

My best advice remains to contact the tech for the equipment in place.

It is unlikely to be set up for proper salt usage and regeneration needs of the next family that buys the home.

The older the unit the more important the set up is.

Newer units have ways to keep track of the amount of water that goes through the unit and can command a regen cycle but older ones do not.

I don’t want to discourage anyone learning but it is unlikely you will be able to do your client any good.

A water softener can run thru its mechanical cycle and still not be working properly, if the resin in the tank is past its life span it will not soften the water. The only way to test if it is working properly is to test the water for hardness. Also newer models can also eliminate iron as well so you have to look up the manufacturer and model number to see what its function is.

If any one needs info on water softeners and UV lights and backwash filters i will be glad to help as i own a water treatment company.

You never dissapoint my friend. Thanks and can’t wait!:stuck_out_tongue:

I agree 100% with Michael on this. I too used to work on 'em, rebed 'em, install 'em, etc.