"Wavy" Shingles

What do you think? Bad install? Defective Shingles? This was only on the west side of the roof. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Must have been a relative with an attitude, like well, what"s wrong with this, they can’t see this from the ground anyways.


Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yes that’s a defect all right…a defective installer.:roll:

Chris…Very bad install! Looks like the boys stopped a few times, smoked some herb, then went back at it again.
Scenario 2 would have the contractor on one side and the rookies on the other.
Scenario 3 would have the homeowner and friend coupled with several cases of liquid courage, deciding to save some money.:mrgreen:

looks like the beer kicked in by the west side to me…jim

One other option could be a homeowner install. It appears that this pic is of the back of the house. Most homeowners, if they do it themselves, will start on the back, to learn a little and perfect their shingling before moving to the front of the house. It makes the front(the side facing the street or road) look nicer if they learn a bit on the backside. Just a thought.

“South of the Border” installers. See it quite often, front, back, left side, right side.