WDI testing insurance in PA

The new standard real estate sales contract in PA requires that a WDI inspection be performed by someone certified by the state. The state only certifies for pesticide application, so PA WDI inspectors have to become certified in the application of pesticides, maintain CEUs for pesticide application, AND obtain liability insurance for pesticide application in order to sport the Dept of PA Agriculture certification. The apparent unfairness of this situation aside…I am having difficulty finding someone who will offer this liability insurance at a reasonable cost. especially since there will be NO LIABILITY what-so-ever for the insurance carrier. (ie. I will not be touching any pesticides) Last year my E&O carrier, FREA, agreed to tell the state that I had pesticide coverage, even though I only had inspection liability coverage through them. They no longer are willing to do this…I can understand. So, I’m seeking info from others who may have this type of insurance. Help!!?

You can usually add other coverages under your E&O policy and WDI is a pretty standard one. I have not heard of anyone “telling” the state that they provided coverage that was not provided.

They DO have liability - what if you miss the termite infestation? FOr this reason, tehy will charge you to cover you. Your liability may not be as high as someone who could potentially mishandle pesticides, but there is some liability.


WDI Inspections in PA (by PAR Agreement of Sale form) were required to be performed by licensed PCO’s going back many years.

Language from the PAR form in 2002:

*The PAR Agreement of Sale Contigency Form A/S-2K page 3 of 8 *

*9. Wood Infestation Inspection Contingency *
(A) Within ___ DAYS (15 days if not specified) of the execution of this agreement, Buyer, at Buyer’s expense, will obtain a written “Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report” from a certified Pest Control Operator and will deliver it and all supporting documents and drawings provided by the Pest Control Operator to the Seller.

Language from the Sept 2005 PAR Form:


ELECTED. Contingency Period: days (15 if not specified) from the Execution Date of this Agreement.
*(A) **Within the Contingency Period, Buyer, at Buyer’s expense, may obtain a written “Wood-Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Report” f**rom an inspector certified as a wood-destroying pests pesticide applicator and will deliver it and all supporting documents and drawings provided *by the inspector to Seller.

Thank you for the quick response. Perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I could have been. I do have liability coverage for WDI inspection. I need to provide the state with proof that I have liability insurance for the application of pesticides (even though I do not intend to ever purchase or apply pesticides) That is my quandry.

In the past, in order to satisfy the Agreement of Sale contingency of the PAR Form A/S-2K , an Inspection had to be performed by a certified Pest Control Operator.

The current PAR Agreement of Sale contingency reads an inspector certified as a wood-destroying pests pesticide applicator.

As a PCO, Liability insurance for application was / is required.

As a Pesticide Applicator, Liability insurance for application was / is required.

Nothing changed.

Joe H.,

Do you do WDI/WDO’s? If so, who do you use for insurance and what is the going rate (if you don’t mind my asking)?

What’s changed is that I no longer have insurance.