WDO services

How many of you offer WDO inspections? Cost add? Is it worth it?

In my opinion your losing business if your not offering WDO, Radon, and Lateral Sewer inspections. I collect no money. My WDO guy follows me everywhere and charges the client $45. My lateral guy does the same $125 weekdays $195 weekends. I do Radon and the residential or commercial inspection. I charge $149 for Radon.

$50 for WDO. you are already looking for the damage while inspecting. put another $50 in your pocket for filling out a 3 minute form.

I guess in your situation Billy it would be important to position yourself correctly and not say “my” WDO guy from a liability perspective. But I’m sure you already know that.

EDIT: Oh I see. You collect no money. Then why offer it BB?

Robert I don’t do the inspections or take liability. Most inspectors in my area only charge $50 to 65 for a inspection.

Brings in business. I’m a one stop shop. People in the US have no time to waste. They want everything done for them.

why don’t you do them? a one day training class and a simple test. You can still refer “your” guy to do the treatment. you are inspecting the perimeter of houses for damage arent you?

What is WDO???

Do you mean WDI??

Some inspectors that are licensed are offering as a free service. (Why!!)

I am licensed, charge anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on if other services being offered.

My WDI inspections keep dropping due to various reasons. Only do a couple a month.

It does not cost much to renew license and have insurance. The CEU requirements are a joke. Only 5 for like a 4 year period. And it is typically on application or mosquitoes, bed bugs or something not related to doing WDI inspections.