We are no longer accepting applications from those using comcast.net.

Comcast.net blocks many of InterNACHI member’s incoming emails as spam. Some of these emails may include messages from consumers who are trying to contact an inspector. For that reason we are no longer accepting membership applications from inspectors who use comcast.net.


Gmail is great.

MSN never blocks any incoming emails without my permission, MSN just puts them in my junk folder. I like that.

Nick when you originally posted the problem with comcast I and others followed your instructions and Comcast uhnblocked access.

Why is this action now necessary?

Comcast blocks incoming emails to new members who use comcast as their primary email address at InterNACHI. Consumer’s emails don’t get through. It is best that they get a different email for InterNACHI use. Deadwood dept. goes to great lengths making sure all our member’s emails, websites, and phone numbers work on all our sites: http://www.nachi.org/directories.htm

I’ll try to get us a deal on msn or yahoo or some competitor of comcast this week. Maybe I can get us 3 months free or something and offer it to new applicants who use comcast. No sense in them missing some of their emails.

I use comcast. It is the only serviceable broadband provider in my area. They are not blocking any email. I get all NACHI emails, pro lab emails, emsl emails and every other email sent. I always have.

AOL blocks far more emails than comcast. Are we going to ban them as well?

I suspect that Nick (in his own way) is attempting to prove a point. :neutral: Besides, you did hijack his thread. :shock:

I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, you can put the interNACHI forward email address’s in your address or contact folder and they wont be blocked. May help.

Blaine, try an experiment for me. Go to www.InspectorNOW.com and pretend you are a consumer looking for Blaine Wiley and then see if a followup email comes back to you please.

I received the phone call, but have not receieved an email at either my primary email address, which is aol, or secondary which is iNACHI.

Have you contacted comcast and requested that they change InspectorNOW from a spammer to an allowed account?

We sure get enough spam from other places that they shouldn’t be blocking InspectorNOW!

Nick, file the BBB complaint!

Anyone that needs a second email address can get a 6 gig @HomeInspectorPro.com account if you need one. It comes with a calendar, online docs and more.

I have the exact same problem every month. It just dependson which ISP wants to be the problem of the month.

Peter is correct. USUALLY if you add the sender into your contact list you’re ok. But if they are not even putting it into the spam folder that means they are blocking the message before it even gets to your box.

I’ve contacted them dozens of times. We’ll keep working on the problem but in the mean time we won’t be accepting new applications from comcast customers. No sense in it.

Just make a note on the site that they have to use a differnet email address. Comcast serves about 20% of all internet users in the US. I’m sure most have an alternate email address though if you require it.

good grief, I 'm switching to comcast on saturday due to the verizon to fairpoint switch and problems I now have sending e mail


I wish you had brought this issue up a few months ago when my MB reply notifications were getting blocked on a weekly basis. I must have contacted you over 6 times regarding Comcat blocking my MB reply notifications.

I don’t blame you for boycotting Comcast.net. I really like their internet service but when it comes to not receiving my emails that they are purposely blocking…it pisses me off.

I resolved my situation and haven’t had a problem since I’ve signed up for a GMAIL account. I have all my GMAIL forwarded to my Comcast account.

My MB reply notifications work great now.

Each time I subitted an unblock request. I do it daily. Glad you got it resolved.

Comcast is the only broadband provider in my area and I* have no problems* or issues with them.

OK. If you do… read this:


Just get a different email account and you’ll be fine.