We bought back another home. Offering InterNACHI members $10,000.00 cash


What caused the buy-back?

You have it listed as: 111 Jones Court, Midland, Michigan 48642

The report has it listed as: 117 Jones Court, Midland, Michigan 48642

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Close enough! :joy:


Was that the home where the potable domestic water supply was shut down and the inspector opened the main water shut-off valve?
Any missing GFCI’s?

Nice catch Larry. Fixed. Thanks. 111 is the price not the address. I’m suffering from a recent concussion :wink:

Junior… it was a broken GFCI receptacle. That’s 14 out of 16 homes with the exact same defect. Go figure.

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They must have wanted out before hand, that’s sounds like a pitiful excuse.

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Jeez Nick, I’m glad it wasn’t worse. I hope you and your bride are both healthy and well! :smile:

Sold it today for more than we bought it back for:

|### Bridget Sonntag|4:32 PM (55 minutes ago)||

to Nick, Margaret, Michelle


Jones ct officially closed this morning! I requested that your check be overnighted so you should have it in your hands tomorrow. Thank you again for the opportunity to work for you! If at any point in the future I can be of service, it would be my honor.

Thanks again!

Bridget Sonntag

Associate Broker


(989) 750-6204