We changed the bottom of CanNACHI's home page to reference sister InterNACHI.


Did you notice that the last post on the CanNACHI site was April 24, 2011.

So it appears your INACHI appendix is just that and not a “sister” org; a Canadian sham organization!

I guess Brianiac forgot he got turfed from the board!

Another fine example by Brian Brianiac MacNeish.

He knows better than anyone else on everything. Doesn’t even belong to an association to know how they work. Won’t join one.

Continues to ignore the disgraceful fraud perpetrated on Applicants to the old National. Or the fact that CEO’s of the NHICC/PHPIC also run an inspection school, and a inspection supply/course provider.

Why would that be Brian. If you are going to come along and act like a know it all, make sure your know-it-all attitude is not bias and you give fair air time to the other issues which do not involve Nachi.

This is the same guy who screamed for licencing, and then when it came along in Alberta, screams louder because he doesn’t like the way it was implemented.

And please no weaseling out of the facts which you want to continually deny because you have an agenda driven by an illness that doesn’t allow you to be wrong even when it is proven you don’t know what you talk about.

Your good friend and buddy from Ontario.

More of the shared brain syndrome, Wanda. I would get that checked out!! It’s become more than serious…you’re memory is gone!

I was not kicked off the CanNACHI boards as was your shared-brain buddy and maybe yourself!! I was given a reprimand for asking “what he was smoking”… a very serious offense, isn’t it??

Get your “facts” straight. Roy always stresses this and now it should be easier since I figured out how you operate and wind up in the same predicaments- shared brain (or is it “brian”) syndrome!!! There ought to be a drug for that!! If you find one, send some to Robert!!


Too bad your facts don’t jive, but when you suffer from foolish whims and dementia I guess your behaviour is explainable.

Still waiting for condemnation of the fraud that occurred in a program you endorse.

Shame on you.

When did you ever give the facts straight up Wanda?

Why do you come here?

Nothing else to do?

Why don’t you provr the fraud before you call it?? Have courts dealt with this yet and convicted any parties?

As usual…I…I…I…everyone here knows your MO by now! And even one of your other clown buddies doesn’t respond to it at all lately!!

Yup backs up my theories about you MacNeish, your dementia is on display.

Find a new cause.


I don’t see anyone disagreeing with me other than you!

As with everything you post it has negative overtones, you can’t be out done so you top yourself with your own bull.

Funny how you are critical of everything and now with what went on with the National you are here to state you condoned what was done. When are you going to stop weaseling out of providing facts?

As with many things you embellish what you wish and question everything else. But at the end of the day you and Larson are no better. Neither of you is going to change any game plan, anymore than Larson is going to have me banned.

Enjoy your lectern while you think you are hot. Its obvious you have no end and no beginning.

Your friend and confidant!

Doesn’t NACHI also run a schools and a supply house?

There is an important difference: Our required courses are provided to our members by InterNACHI in-house, for free.

So its free to join NACHI?

Learn how to parse a sentence Russel, will ya?

I love how you always defend Nick…such a cute couple. You’re so sexy when you come to his defense…

It’s called English Russel.

Try it some time.

Nick and I have had our run ins so once again you are imagining something that is not there.

If your only defense is to attack me, what does that say about your argument?

I think most of us know exactly what it says.

Have a nice day :wink:

How did I attack you? Man you are one sensitive guy. Let your conscious guide you…Sheesh Lighten up!