CanNachi up and running?

The CanNachi website has finally been updated.

It looks like they are now up and running.

We’re almost there. I’m finishing up the Find an Inspector feature and updating the message boards while the board finishes up editing content.

Wayne,were does Cannachi get it credibility from?WE of course are all legends in our own minds

As with all associations that govern home inspectors in our industry have started in thier humble begginings earning credibility and trust that must always continue, no different for CanNACHI or any future/current home inspector association.


I have no idea about their credibility as of yet. Nobody does.

Credibility can only be proven over time. I figure they at least deserve that chance.


**This needs to be corrected brother!! **Thermo- Imaging ******
** To: Infrared Thermal Imaging

BTW do we really need to see the wanker on the front page? He has been expelled from NACHI for COE violations. I wonder how long it will take for the directors of CanNachi to realize that they have made a huge mistake including this idiot to the membership!

Wayne…Thank you
As with CanNACHI being independent from Inter-NACHI and a sole Canadian non-profit association, its best that any questions can be posted on its message board when it is re-launched in a few days , as that all who is involved with CanNACHI can not be here to answer all questions.
Thank You

Hey Mario,

Where do you see that? I didn’t add most of the content, I just weave everything together :smiley:

As far as Roy goes, I don’t have that authority. But Allen and the others do. They’re trying to be diplomatic about things so it might go to a committee if you file a complaint.

bottom of the page

Fixed. Thanks!


I guess kook and wanker found a home! OAHI, NACHI and ASHI simply had enough of these two morons now they bamboozled the CanNACHI directors into allowing them in. I don’t blame the dynamic duo, I blame the directors. And as far as filing a complaint………no thanks. CanNACHI can keep them, just watch your backside guys! We will talk soon when one or both of these MF turns on all or some of you!

Already happened


That was fast Doug! Do we know the victim(s)?
BTW I am not surprised. The wanker AKA Raymond Wand is a very vindictive SOB when all is not going his way. If you ask me he should be locked up for life….in a metal health facility!!

Congratulations Allen. Good to see some movement with the new organization.