I see that Alberta has recognized InterNACHI as a means of being permitted to write their provincial exams.
In BC, the province refers to CanNACHI as an approved organization with no mention of InterNACHI.
CanNACHI seems to use the same logo as InterNACHI so it would appear there is some affiliation to NACHI and InterNACHI.
Does BC also recognize InterNACHI?
This is the first I have heard of CanNACHI and am wondering what the difference is (if any?) between the two.

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How I got this was to go to top Right of this site and where it says (Search) I put in the word Cannachi .

below is the Cannachi site their forum gets very little use .

Send Me Email if you have any questions ,

Yes they are two different associations with some Relationship

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I guess the challenge for me is that I plan to relocate to British Columbia in several years and am hoping that my InterNACHI membership will be recognized. My goal is to earn the CMI along the way.
I would rather not have to go to CanNACHI seeing as I am already established at InterNACHI and extremely happy.

Don’t give up your InterNACHI membership as InterNACHI provides all the competitive advantages over non-members in BC. Email me and I’ll see what I can do to get you a dual membership in CanNACHI.

There is no respect here from the CanNachi inspectors, we have heard they tell people we are not as good becauase or certification is “American”. That’s ok, we know our skills are there and OUR association provides us with much more resources. But some professionalism should be there regardless of which organization you belong to, bad mouthing another only shows you are weak or scared of the competition and does not give your client the apperance of a professional, which we are.

The “Inter” in “InterNACHI” stands for International. Furthermore, we have more members in Canada, per capita, than any other country in the world.

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and I am dam proud to be one of those Canadians…and yes we try to educate people that “InterNachi” is international not American only, no disrespect to my Americam counterparts intended, I stand by any/all InterNachi members regardless of where they reside.

Been a Canadian NACHI member for a long time and not once have I heard or seen a Cannachi member run down the NACHI Association .
Many of the other Canadian association yes all do have many members who do try and show how bad NACHI is and how Great they are .
I do communicate regularly with many none Nachi members and have a good idea of what they feel and think.
Many Canadian Nachi members also belong to other Canadian associations ,I am one of them.

Roy, it is nice to hear that your situation is more positive, I would like to think we could all be professional for the good of the industries view from the public. And I was not in any way trying to be insulting to CanNachi, if you thought I was I apoligize.

With all the leading up to date education , combined with resources and proctored exams , not much any one can say , Inachi is more than definitely leading the way.

Go try to find another HI organization that has put so much effort into just the “Roofing Series” I bet you will not find it anywhere. If you do let me know and I will read it too!:smiley:

As a experienced inspector (20 yrs) I can tell you first hand that some of the ‘other’ associations are contrary to their ‘non-profit’ status, not non-profit.

They put courses on at exorbitant prices far and above the actual costs in order for a select few of the clique to line their pockets, and in order to keep the association running due to declining membership numbers. They do not put the profits back into membership services, let alone provide the members with anything tangible other than keeping their members in the dark while treating the dues paying members with contempt.

While I have criticized all associations I can truthfully say that Nachi and its educational services far out weigh what little the ‘other’ associations do provide at inflated prices.

Viva la difference!

You can bet the recent proctor exams in Edmonton cost Inachi more than it brought in, It was very professional and organized, a class act, compared to the stories I have heard from others (Procter and in house exams being held in airport lobbies and restaurants) .I think over time many existing associations will not be able to keep up with all that INACHI offers, or will go broke trying to compete , just my opinion.

I would think that Ben’s airfair and the cost of the room exceded what they brought in. Not to mention the cost to print and mark the exams. We are pretty lucky to belong to an association that will provide the level of training that Inachi provides. Some times the waters get muddy with politics getting involved, but that is the way it is.:mrgreen:

The guys at Can Nachi are extremely nice, helpful, friendly, all about their job, just like the guys here at Internachi, having spent 60 brilliant hours with the canNachi men during the summer I certainly feel like I know them better than I do anyone here, despite having spent years here, we did discuss message boards while at the course, and internachi of course, and they have nothing but respect for Nick and Internachi. I plan to become a member of CanNachi too, but won’t give up InterNachi, there may be differences in methods, I don’t see many, but I enjoy both groups. Just got to get my ten mock inspections done… Back from holidays a few weeks now I should be on that, but am having trouble getting motivated.

You just answered David C. Couttss question.:slight_smile:

You want to see the power of INACHI.
David C. Coutts

George wrote:
“We recently discontinued selling Carson Dunlop home inspection books. They are great books but too expensive. We will have our remaining stock available for sale at well below wholesale prices.
The books and CDs will be priced at 50%-70% off retail. The inventory includes two copies of The Illustrated Home, 2nd Edition with the 2-CD set (new, unopened).”
Here is the facebook link.
So Nick now you see the power of your association and your free education.
The bloody pricing is nuts for that old imformation.:slight_smile:
I told you.:slight_smile:

Cannachi Address is
180 Parsons Rd., Unit 29
Alliston, Ontario L9R 1E8

Inspect4u Home Inspection Training 180 Parsons Road unit 29
Alliston, ON L9R 1E8

What is the correlation …anyone figure it out? When you do you will have all the answers you need!

The “International Association of Certified Home Inspectors” is a registered non profit association under the Societies Act of Alberta. This association is part of and directly affiliated with the Association of the sane name in the United States. We refer to it as the Alberta Chapter just so we know what we are talking about.
The name in Canada is owned by the Alberta Chapter members.
We are the real thing. Not a copy or a competitor.