We Had a Great Time at InterNACHI HQ

Below are some photos of the event and infrared class we had this weekend at InterNACHI headquarters. The next event and infrared class will be in May.





Hello John,

Thank you very much for a very informative thermal imaging course. It was my pleasure to have the privilege of visiting the new House of Horrors and to have access to the incredible amount of Inspection experience from both the NACHI staff and my class mates. The pearls of wisdom that you shared with us tonight will not only improve my technical inspection quality but also marketing of my new ancillary services. Looking forward to attending future classes at the NACHI headquarters!

Great course for anyone thinking of getting started with thermal imaging. After 2 years “playing with my camera” im finally learning how to use it (correctly)!
Thanks for the great class!

Thank you to InterNACHI and our Professor John McKenna. This was the best classroom training I’ve experienced in a long time and the facility is amazing.

The hospitality was beyond what’s is expected!!!