WiNACHI Thermal Imaging and Building Science Seminar

Went over well, according to those I talked to. Two days of in-depth training for NACHI’s Thermal Imaging Certification.

Included case studies on Water Intrusion, Energy Auditing and masonry problems, as well as marketing, sales, report writing and running a successful inspection business.

Looks like you had a good turn-out. Nice job!

Thanks Will!

Will did a great job, very informative and straight to the punch, no wasted time. Recomend the course to any one interested in thermal imaging or raising the bar on the way you currently do inspections and delevering a better quality inspection to your client.


What a class. I had a great time and learned a lot. Having people like Will Decker in InterNACHI makes us the best. Thanks to all of those not from our chapter for being there. We learn a lot from interacting with each other. Anyone got 5 grand laying around to buy me a camera?:slight_smile:


Had a good time at the training. I am looking forward to using my camera as soon as my knee heals. Thanks to Will and all who where there.

Al Toliver

Thanks Will for the great class.


So, sorry, I was in class mode.

Better now.

Seriously, I messed up. I went about 100 miles from my house to teach a class and forgot my CPAP machine (I have sleep apnia).

So, the first night (Thursday), I tried to “work through it” like a silly 55 year old “Macho man”. And, so, I got 1 hours sleep. Taught the class the next day (Friday).

On Friday, I called my wife and asked her to bring the machine up to her workplace (near the Wisconsin border, so I wouldn’t have to drive down so far). She did this and was willing to drive further north, but we have my youngest "AMANDA, THE (so she thinks) ALL POWERFUL (but she flunked English, last semester. Didn’t turn in her homework. Just plain clueless.)

So, I went down and picked it up. But, one little detail. The CPAP machines have a compartment that holds water (for humifacation) and my wife (who uses a CPAP herself) did not empty it before putting my my machine in a plastic grocery bag.

The result? The humidifier water flooded the machine and it crapped out. So, one more night of no sleep (Friday night) and had to teach 8 hours on Saturday.

But, good news. Went to my Doctor (Sleep Medicine) and they swapped out the water logged machine for free (so I get to keep $1,000 :mrgreen:) and my wife gets to sleep without my chain-saw snoring.

All is well.