We just arranged an infrared camera workshop for the Toronto Convention.


This is what I’m hoping for[prices to drop]. When I was in Vegas at the ITA convention I was tempted to buy one for $6000.00 I decided to wait until our convention in May maybe the prices will come down.

As far as sharing the camera…If it’s a friend of 20 years I would,… maybe. I’m anal with all my tools, after all I make my living with them.

We have a agreement that states if he breaks the camera I take his wife to Vegas. =P~

Better hope he’s happily married:)

this could be a good time to buy the extended warrantee ( on the Camera ) ( ha Ha I new what you where thinking .)
Roy Cooke


Tell us the truth,are you hoping it breaks?

Oh Roy, you just ruined my evening. I forgot that you have to win the lottery to afford the annual maintenance contracts for these things. :wink:

Hope to see you at Toronto next May .
Now if a bunch of us get together and say we would like to buy XXX of these new Gizmo’s can you give us a decent price .
Then after he gives us the price we all pay in Canadian Dollars because this is Canada and that is the only legal curency and all prices must be in Canadian dollars .
We can then save about another 18% sounds like a great deal to me .
Its comming start planning .
The Toronto Canadian NACHI Conference Roy Cooke

I’ll split camera costs with any guy who has a nice wife. :smiley:

Seriously though, could you picture 9,300 members running around a dark hotel at 3:00 AM playing hide an go FLIR? :-s

Cute Like it

Oh I love Flirring! :D:twisted: