Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors (ppt).

Many thanks to Will Decker.

Hope this helps;

Hi Will,

Is this the same one you sent me?
It was very good.



Some minor changes. Had to black out the FLIR logo for submission to the state for CE credit. Should get it approved, soon, and then the Chapter has another course to teach.

BTW: Any critique would be greatly appreciated.

Absolutely! Many thanks Will.

I certainly hope Will was justly rewarded for his many hours of research and time putting this together.

This is an excellent example of what one may expect to receive during Level I certification training.

Of course 32+ hours of class time, hands on equipment operation, and further field application discussions with peers are well worth the investment. IMHO

I guess the decision to make this available to anyone, even non-NACHI members was considered before publication, or was it?

Seems this would have been placed in the Members-Only Online Library

Regardless, thanks again Will and NAXHI

Thanks for all your hard work Will, I am picking up our camera at UPS on Thursday and we are going to the class July 17-20. At Flir headquarters they have a huge lab so I can’t wait, I’ll let you know how it goes.

BTW is attending this course good for CEUs?


You did an amazing job!! Thank you very much.

Hi Wil,

you have done a hell of a job with that course mate, my hat’s off to you.



Very nice Will… The next step is to buy the camera and make sure that I get the need training to make sure I am reading what I am seeing correct. :mrgreen:

I wrote it so that our chapter could use it for state CE courses. The state had some requirements, otherwise it would have been somewhat different.

  • They didn’t want it too specific or technical. It should be an overview, not a replacement for formal training. Just general stuff.
  • They didn’t want it to exceed 3 hours (3, 50 minute periods).
  • They didn’t want it to mention any one camera vendor too much. No advertising.
  • They wanted a 25 question test, but not too technical so that people could pass the test.

I wrote it as a way to get inspectors who knew nothing about thermograhy up to speed and familiar with the terminology and provide a basis upon which they could take the level 1 course and not get totally lost. Some of the physics concepts can be difficult. The lecture that goes along with the course explains more.

I had hoped that it would be put in the area, replacing the first draft that is there, for downloading by members, but that is Nick’s call.

Thanks to Gerry for his input on writing classes and to those NACHI members who contributed pictures. Also thanks to FLIR for permission to use some of their pictures.

Maybe I will fill it out some more for future use.

Please, look it over and give me any critique you may have. I already found a couple of spelling errors. Isn’t that always the way? You look at something for so long that you miss the stupid spelling errors.


Will, I ran my “images” through another program and it took Flir and the crosshairs off the photo. I’ll try to figure it out again, saves blacking out. You don’t get the background image data that way, but I’m sure you don’t care in this case.

Just reviewed it. Thanks for the effort. I hope it answers a lot of questions about what IR really does.

If you find that program, let me know what it is. Sure would save time over Paint.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Excellent job Will. Can’t wait to get start on our own camera, especially my own house. I know where some drafts are, I can’t wait to see how many more the camera picks up:twisted:.


OK I figured it out again!

I received ThermaCAM QuickReport 1.0 with my camera.
If you open a photo under the Analize tab and “save as” it takes out “FLIR”, the “on screen camera information” and places the temp scale on the right side vs the bottom.