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***From:***Joe Tribuzio
Friday, November 16, 2007 10:57 PM

Chicago Nachi Chapter Educational meeting

*Joining the local ( CHICAGO) chapter of NACHI was one of the best things I could have done! *
On November 15th I took the thermal imaging class created by Will Decker and it was only 25 bucks to attend - that was a terrific bargain for the education I received, plus I got 3 ce hours out of it as well. ( food was also included !!!)
I learned a great deal about the way a thermal imaging camera works, how it should be used and what services it could be used for. Will Decker has a great teaching style and ability to convey the ideas In a way that is easily understood by all.
*I really look forward to the next meeting, and I would encourage any Home Inspector ( In the Chicago land area) to visit the Chicago chapter educational meetings- especially if they would like to know more about NACHI. *
Great job guys!

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If only Will lived in Toronto!!! I would definitely be attending all his seminars.

Ditto for Orlando

Will has said he’s willing to travel to teach. Ask Nick to make it happen.:wink:

I’m ready to send Will anywhere he wants to go.

That’s good news Nick can you send him to Toronto first!! Thanks.

I’m in. Just need plane fare. ( am low maintenance :mrgreen: )

Any takers?


Take the Flight, Hotel, and the meals (Expenses) , stop selling yourself short!!

No. Just get me there and I will find a place to sleep.

But I wouldn’t mind a few drinks.

Canada is sooo expensive now. :mrgreen:


I would have you stay at my place but I just turned the spare bedroom into an office.

Canada is not expensive, it’s CRAZY expensive.

I’d kick in a few bucks to have them filmed for a ‘distance education’ type class…

Okay maybe the whole 25…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: