We mailed by U.S. mail a copy of Inspector's Quartery to all members in these states:

Dale…if I may.

Nick is inundating his market with iNACHI.

His market is not our market.

Real estate salesmen, home buyers, lawyers…do not potentially pay membership dues to iNACHI. It makes no sense (or money) to Nick to market iNACHI to people who have no likelihood of joining.

If you will recall, the branding efforts put forth by ASHI came at an additional expense to the members.

…and that is a good thing (for people who are not selling something to home inspectors) because…???

I hear your point too Jim, but vendors are a big part of any industry.

Close your eyes and imagine the home inspection industry without books, schools, meters, reporting software, etc.

I hear your point too, Nick.

But you have to understand that your ambition to make vendors rich from the market you have created is not what motivates the membership.


I am not talking about real estate agents in particular, home buyers, sellers, EVERYBODY really.

A national marketing campaign is needed by doing TV commercials just simply telling America where they can find a supposedly good home inspector.

ASHI does not need to do it because most people who have bought a house probably have already heard of ASHI…I even asked my mother a few weeks ago if she ever heard of ASHI, she knew, I thought that was wild, a 73 year old women who is not a real estate agent or affiliated with real estate in any form or fashion knew who ASHI was, that blew my mind.

But I guess if you’re content not really caring whether America knows who INACHI is, than it’s pointless for me to care either.

It would be so simple to make a one minute commercial that would stick to every persons mind who watches TV in America.

Jim, that is not my motivation. If it was, I’d sell them the banner ad space on our 260 million hit/year website that they so desire.

Like a lot of banner ads? Head over to www.InspectioNews.net

That is not what I said.

Vendors would not bet rich from banner ads. You would get richer from the vendors by selling them ads, but you don’t. They are not your market…we are.

I sometimes think you envision us as baby birds sitting in a nest with open mouths…and you fly back and forth…providing us with discounts on worms.

My point was that agent loyalty (which makes or breaks some inspector’s business) and awareness of association existence, have nothing to do with each other. The two are mutally exclusive. It would help InterNACHI, but do little for individual member’s ability to acquire and keep a loyal farm of agents.

Russell Buchanan of Home Gauge and I giggle about this all the time. His customers swear that the agents use them because they love the software. They don’t. They love the inspector.

In a way, you are correct Jim. It is EXACTLY because we are NOT vendor friendly enough to allow them to mess up our site with ads, that we are left only with member dues to fund the association. So yes, InterNACHI members are our clients, not vendors, not agents.

We are the quintessential industry trade association.

LOL. You’re good.:smiley:

I have yet to find a client or realtor that has ever heard of Nachi…so I guess it really doesn’t matter much…

Oh I know Jim, I just thought instead of blowing money on “Inspector Quarterly” which in my opinion is a waste of trees because there is not a single thing in it which is not on this website…besides a lot more vendor ads.

I just thought (stupid thinking) Nick might want to do something which would “Help” members, by explaining to America what a NACHI Inspector is.

But its not important to him, so what ever.

If I recall correctly, the original recipients of these advertising inserts was intended to be real estate salesmen.

Yes I think your correct Jim, in news-stands on every street corner, or something like that–:shock:

that is the impression I am getting Dale…for 3bills we get lots of support from other members, but You really need to belong to another association to get any home buyer/seller/realtor recognition…

Yes, that is correct, which is why I am a ASHI member, I get MANY inspections being a member, because basically everyone knows what an ASHI inspector is.

For some bizarre reason, I thought Nick could make a short one minute (even 30 second) TV (real TV) commercial, aired throughout the United States which would help members get inspections telling everyone what a NACHI inspector is…and KEEP airing it.

Simple,… costly, but simple.

However no one is going to pay Him to do that so therefore it will not happen…jmho…jim

You said in time past that ASHI did nothing for you…,

I found on the membership portion of their website you can see who clicked your information, I was wrong, I get many inspections belonging to the association.

  1. Fewer agents control real estate deals and the trend isn’t slowing.

  2. Because of negligent referral suits and licesning, fewer of what’s left from above recommend inspectors at all. They point to the licensed list.

  3. Of the few of what’s left of those, almost none will change from their pet inspectors because of association affiliation.

Agents like inspectors for who they are and what they do, not what association they belong to or what insurance carrier they use.

Everyone has heard of Chiquita bannanas, but I like mangos and Chiquita can’t change that.