Get the seller's inspection while you're there. New Inspector Marketing Lunch Box!

Inspector Marketing Lunch Box. It works!

Works best when used with InterNACHI’s “Leave Behind” letter.

Well it will certainly gain their attention, and that’s half the battle. Great idea!!!

Can’t miss that thing sitting on your kitchen table. Who’s not going to “Look Inside” ?

Hey I really like this Nick. I have been leaving the leave behind letter (modified), some cards, Pens and some other promo stuff we use just in a pile in the kitchen. This is a great way to Box it all up…I like it…:cool:


It is a real attention getter and really does a good job at making the seller “Look Inside” and think about using YOU to inspect the home they are buying.

Great idea!

Added to our Inspector Marketing Library.

Nice. People like goodie bags; now, boxes!!!

I could use a Three Years Supply, my 9 Bucks is in the Mail. :smiley:

Any particular reason I can only get USPS shipping with quanties of 1 or 2, but not quantities of 3 or more?

I’ll have that fixed Jeffrey.

Thanks. I like this idea for my area.

Yes, very nice. I’ll order as soon as the USPS bug is fixed.

My apologies everyone, we’ve had the UPSPS shipping option set to a low weight, but I’ve upped it to 5 pounds now, so if you’re ordering under 5 pounds of these you can use USPS, otherwise it’ll default to FedEx options. We’ve tried as hard as we can to avoid using USPS for shipping as they have lost/damaged a lot of our shipments, and getting reimbursed is near impossible it seems, but FedEx has been nothing but helpful. The couple packages that we’ve shipping through them in the past few years that were damaged were immediately covered and we were reimbursed. Keep in mind if you order USPS you WILL NOT receive a tracking number as they will be going First Class mail.