We now own our E&O insurance company. No more B.S. when you file a claim



Is this for Canadians as well, or just in the US?


That is great!

I hope it works out well for those still needing E&O insurance. :smile:

My policy renews in January and my price didn’t drop from last year. So am I to assume that the new coverage will not be any cheaper than in the past? If so then what is the difference other than claims? I have not had one in 16 yrs (knock on wood) and my rates are still too high in my opinion.

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Will this offer a stand alone GL policy? Or only have one E&O and GL combo policy?

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Good question, Christopher! :smile:

I just renewed my policy via the previous InterNachi/Elite program.

Is this the same thing, or do I have to wait until next year?

And does Joseph Denneler have any help? He is amazingly awesome, but sometimes he gets backed up and it takes a while to get a response.

Awesome Nick. Thanks.

Following :+1:

Will current policies be “looked” over and possibly lower premiums?

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The dob does not match the format Y-m-d. Second time I got this when I tried to get a quote. Also, interested why you need social sec. and birthdate numbers. Is this based on age of applicant?

So where to I apply?

Welcome to our forum Jeffrey.

This is at the bottom of the link in the 1st post:

" For more information on this exciting program, contact National Program Director Ben Garrison at 302-690-9839 or bgarrison@elitemga.com."

Just checked… only available in the USA :frowning_face:

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Welcome to the forum Michael. Thanks!

Welcome to our forum, Michael! :smile:

If we have a pre-existing Elite MGA policy are we covered under the new program? If so, how can we confirm policy coverage and rates information?

Exactly what I’m wondering, minus the Joseph Denneler part.

This is my 3rd year with them, I agree it is still too high.
I’m glad to have it though, some of these guy’s around here get local insurance cheep.
I’ve looked into them and that’s exactly what they are getting, cheep paper, no real coverage to back up if you ever have a problem.
So I say thank you Nick for recommending them 3 yrs ago, and for the InterNACHI discount.

When can we get quotes under the new Insurance?