E&O Insurance

Has anyone in the US obtained a quote from the InterNACHI E&O insurance Program? I am curious who the insurance is through and underwritten by? At one point I thought I saw something about it being through InspectPro.

Thanks in advance.

Why not just get a quote yourself? Only takes a minute: www.nachi.org/insurance

We are restricted as to who we can get our insurance through by the Franchise. I was trying to get the info so I could possibly refer to the home office. Not getting an answer here I went the request quote route so it will take someones time to get back to me so I can ask that question. Was just trying not to take someones time for a non-sale question.

I can get you a quote for your entire WIN franchise. Should I have someone contact you?

Might be a good discussion with The Home Office folks when your with us in January. I was just trying to get some info before. I’m sure you or your staff has been talking to Pat Knight and the folks already. Insurance is always a significant expense as you know.

Thanks for the replies

That’s half the problem with E&O insurance. The other half comes when you have a claim, a meritless claim, and your insurance company settles, raises your premiums, and tattle-tales on you to all other insurance companies. InterNACHI has put an end to that.

Oh don’t get me started. Good friend got tied up in a lawsuit went on for over a year and then the insurance decided to throw $100K at the plaintiff to make it go away, Cost him his deductible, then they would not renew his insurance because of the claim. It now cost him almost double what he was paying before. One of the things I despise about insurance in this business. Even if your right the insurance companies will throw you under the bus to save a buck then screw you for it. We should talk before the conference some time.