We produced this video along with A Buyer's Choice franchise to go to Canadian agents

Nice video, good points.

Well done!

should be retitled using home inspection instead of home inspector

Protect. Comfort. Assist. ??? Gimme a break :roll:

How 'bout just protect. Protect the buyer by doing a stellar inspection just for them and the real estate agent can “comfort and assist” along the way to the closing table or the next house.

Ridiculous. Oh wait, nevermind. I get it now. This HI franchise was started by a real estate agent. Makes perfect sense.


We should do a French version of this using our InterNACHI-Québec members!!


How about them using internachi tag line?

inspected once …

Always wondered about that?


Douglas’ usual wisdom! A great point!


We made a neutral version without the franchise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukTg2wCS1EE&feature=youtu.be

Much better!

I would post THIS on my website but I’m retired now and don’t have a website anymore. :mrgreen:


Doug, I concur.

It represents our presents as InterNACHI members while exposing legal ramifications and consequences for negating a home inspection.
Well done!
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