Huge news for InterNACHI members and real estate agents in Canada!

I am thrilled to announce that various proposals for online, video based continuing education for real estate agents in Canada has been approved, in principal, by every real estate board we’ve pitched the idea to.

Licensed Canadian real estate agents will be the first agents to earn some of their required continuing education from the comfort of their own homes.

The delivery of this cutting-edge technology will be performed through a partnership which blends NACHI.TV and InterNACHI’s online course/testing system, both existing, fully operational systems. Development of this CE will occur in NACHI.TV’s new HD studio.

The CE’s will be delivered to ALL Canadian real estate agents via the internet through the new Pluto Network at absolutely no charge. Wow!

Funding for this project has already been procured from a major InterNACHI affiliate and each online, video course will include at least one commercial touting the reasons real estate agents should recommend InterNACHI members exclusively. The commercials will also explain the harm real estate agents do when they steer unsuspecting clients toward uncertified non-members.

The first online, video course will be taught by your’s truly and based on my “What Every Canadian Real Estate Agent Needs to Know about Inspections”]( , already approved for real estate CE in the States.

The second will be a mold course for real estate agents developed by IAC2 and given to us for this project.

The third will be based on our existing Green Building Course.

The fourth will be based on the Move In Certified system to teach agents about pre-listing inspections and which also includes the Go Green project.

I’ll keep everyone posted on this project as courses are developed and approvals are formally awarded.

This project will provide hundreds of millions of dollars of free advertising for InterNACHI members at no cost to InterNACHI members.

A subsequent plan to permit individual InterNACHI members the ability to advertise to their local agents in their own local communities on the free network using an IP locating system is already in the works.

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.


Thank You Nick!! This will get our phones ringing!!!

Time to take it all… the whole Pie… crumbs and all.

Way to go, Nick.

Great news and Thank you

Thanks for staying in the forefront on this Nick please keep up the great work!

Hi, Nick Et. All, I have now gained my CEA status (Certified Energy Auditor) and am licensed by NRCan to preform energy audits for the EcoEnergy program in Ontario.

If I can help you (Nick) or anyone with anything regarding this program or Energy Saving for the residential houses, please let me know.

I would even be interested in creating a course for it. I already have the material in PPt format…

Best regards,





Congratulations, I have been trying to find someone who offers training to become an energy advisor for this program, but have not had much luck. How did you go about it, and who would be best to contact. Much appreciated.


Thanks Nick, we can use all the help in BC right now with licensing issues arising.

Nick. Can you let us know which R.E.boards have accepted the programme? It will allow local inspectors to contact the local agents with the good news.

Terry, I kind of like the licensing going on in B.C. (and I generally, I am opposed to licensing). B.C. has at least started off on the right track IMHO.

It wasn’t easy. You basically have to work as a contractor for a company that is authorized to do the audits. In my case Ameripec has the contract with NRCAN, I took the trainiing through Amerispec (Paid for it my self) and then wrote the GVT exam… Passed thankgod as it was tough. If you dont pass I would have had to wait 3 Months before retaking it.

So now on occasion I do Audits for Amerispec of Simcoe althought its been pretty slow.

So if you are interested go to the Amerispec website and there is a link on the right. It will take you to the Amerispec office in your area. See if they are looking for anyone…



Green (including energy loss inspections) is going to be the next black ink. Energy loss from buildings exceeds all energy used by cars and trucks.

Worth repeating!