We sent every Tennessee member a packet today.

We shipped every Tennessee member this packet: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/deals-and-discounts.aspx


A Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection book.


A hard-copy of the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.

plus a letter reminding you where to get your free home inspector continuing education in Tennessee.


A few other goodies.

You all should have it by Friday.

Wow that’s wonderful…wish I was in Tennessee. Very nice of you Nick!

Thanks Nick! I should be using them soon,

That’s awesome! I am in tennessee. Can’t wait to put some of this stuff to use

got mine thanks!

I got mine too!

Thanks Nick!

Got Mine, How ever someone decided to see what was in it , ripped open . lol Thanks Nick

Someone wanted to know why you were getting packages from Colorado all of a sudden! :twisted:

Gold? or Red? :smiley:

Do you want me to send another? Was the envelope empty?

Got mine a few days ago…


Hey guys, while I have some tennesseean’s here, I’m in the Nashville area, still a student and getting close to fulfilling my requirements. I wanted to ask if their is a Mid Tn Internachi chapter that I can attend, and most importantly… I need someone that I can shadow… I’ve asked a few guys, in the area, who are not internachi, and have not been able to solidify anything… Any advise is appreciated… Thanks.

I campare with Sean it had a book and cards

www.nachi.org/form.htm When can I come and give a presentation Mr. President?

Nick… I’m on it!!!

I’d love to drive out and do a show.