First 12 members from Tennessee who post here win TN marketing cards for TN agents.

Real estate agents in Tennessee now get free continuing education online, approved by TN, from you.

Shipping free too.

Kim will ship to the first 12 TN members who reply here.

Merry Christmas.

Ron La Duca
Nashville Tn

I just received mine in the mail today,
I think i could use another 50.

Thanks Nick. Merry Christmas!!!

Wayne Wilson
8228 Collier Rd Powell TN 37849

Just found this Tennessee/HITA forum. Hope it’s not to late to get some cards.

Scott Moore

I would like some, thanks

Can’t believe 12 people haven’t jumped on this already.

I’d love to have some! Thank you!!

You got 'em coming to you.

J Scott, Will, and Kenneth. I will get your packages sent out today!

Benjamin Hammond
Nashville, TN

Have been a member for only a few weeks and have gotten every bit of vaule out of my $49 already!

I can always use some for my RE classes.

Benjamin and David, I sent both of your packages today! :smiley:

Received. Thanks guys…

It looks like there’s still room for the first 12 people to reply. I know the post is 6 months old but is the offer still good?


Hi Ethan, I will be shipping your cards right now!

Hope you enjoy them! :mrgreen:

Thanks Kim.

Not much going on in Tennessee, eh?

I would also like some. Is this still valid?

I counted 9. Can I still get in on this guys?

First chance I’ve had to check forums without a specific focus or topic in a long while. I would be happy to receive available marketing cards if still available.

Michael Amick
Mid TN Property Services, Inc.
Franklin TN