Heavy Rains

Just wondering how everyone that has rain(sorry Phoenix) inspects outside when it is coming down fairly hard. I can’t help but feel like I may be missing something outside. I can only dress for it so much and I know It’s not too good on the digital camera. Can’t use an umbrella and take pictures. Buyers,sellers,realtors, don’t want to come back another day either. Any GOOD thoughts. How about you inspectors in Seattle,Portland,Ect…

Luckily I’ve only had to deal with significant rain at an inspection on two occasions in the past couple years. I use a heavy duty poncho & rubber boots. The poncho allows me to carry my clipboard and camera underneath and both stay relatively dry. A poncho certainly works better than an umbrella or rainsuit for me.

Those of us in the Northwest seldom get heavy rains. Most of ours come down as a drizzle. The way we tell newcomers is by the fact that they carry umbrellas and wear raincoats. Working in the rain has always been a fact of life here. I keep my camera in a pocket and pull it out for pics, then replace it in pocket.

“Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow…”

oops…that was the U.S. Postal Service. Probably no great answer to your question, Bart. Rain’s rain…working in it’s never going to be a pleasure. On the other hand, have you ever arrived at an inspection and had to explain to your clients that due to the 5" of snow covering the entire roof, that they wouldn’t be getting much of a roof inspection? They look at you kind of funny, as it dawns on them that no, they won’t be getting much of a roof inspection that day…

I make my inspectors practice inspecting in the rain by having them inspect on one side of the house while I stand on the roof with the hose creating rain (it’s the only time I ever walk on a roof). After about 30 minutes of practice, we’re all ready for Mr. Cuervo to grade us.

Yup Umbrellas make great lightning rods here in Florida. Lightning Capital of North America. (Indonesia is the Lightning Capital of the world) I use a poncho where it’s obvious that the storm isn’t one of those thirty minute hit and miss things. Last month in parts of Clearwater we got 15" in eight hours. That was a day to remember !