Weatherhead/ SE Conductor clearance Question

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Looking for clarification on Service Entrance Conductors at Weather Head Connection height requirements over a roof. My understanding is the Weather head must be minimum 18 inches from top of pole. How far off the deck does the Service Drop have to be? I have seen several citations, use different terms. If you can, please clarify. I had this one today that had SE Conductors at only 8 inches from roof top.
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Just write it up…what you see and what is industry standard…and move on.

Per NEC it’s 18" min for the conductors over overhang on roof with 4:12 or greater and no more than 6’ in length over the overhang, the mast must be within 4" from overhang’s edge, otherwise it’s up the the utility, be careful how and if you write it up. Check with the red book of the local POCO first.

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@jjonas that’s a good detailed picture of clearances thanks.