Weep Holes

Same builder for two properties that are side by side. Why would they add weep holes in one building and not the other?



Maybe the wicks were trimmed on one but not the other.

There are no holes for the wicks either.

Maybe the inspector made them on the second one;-)

Polish masonry contractor???

Different installers from the same company. I’ve seen it here.

I had a duplex where one side had the weeps in almost all the right locations and the other side had none. I was able to include a picture that showed the one side with and the other without.:slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin. :wink:

Most of the construction I see now days in my area has no weep holes. Then later they are shocked when the interior wall molds.
My favorite is the yard landscaped against the weep holes. Just makes me shake my head and laugh.


You mean this one?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

He must have moved to the east coast. He must have heard Erol was coming to inspect his work in Chicago and probably figured old MC Hammer would cut him some slack.:stuck_out_tongue:

Same builder, different contractor.