Weep holes

It has been pretty rare for me to actually find weep holes on a brick veneer. The one time I do find them…

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I don’t think its caulking looks like some insect has plugged it, mud dabber, spider or other? Nice to see evidence of flashing


I have seen them stuffed with metal shavings “to keep insects out”

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Ah gotcha. No, I have never seen wicks. It is not a trick, its stupid because insects can move past them anyway.

They make special screens for key slot weeps however this is a standard wicked weep that was plugged by a non professional that knew nothing about tuck pointing.

it is always great to see evidence of thru wall flashing and weeps (I am old school and like seeing the sash cord wicks). The one thing to watch for on new construction is the steps being taken to keep the cavity between the back of the brick and the sheathing clean. if the cavity becomes filled with mortar drippings it could lead to issues.

In general, I have found that the commercial masons really do a great job as far as understanding how to properly flash brickwork. I t also helps that they have plans with details as well.

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Here’s a photo on my Facebook page of weep hole ropes… http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150274362503789&set=a.403890303788.184246.361592973788&type=1&ref=nf

Also, feel free to LIKE that page! :slight_smile:

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Not a correct statement anymore in this day and age, but was correct in the 70’ and 80’s.
Back in the early years, mine at least, it was required that a board and pull strings be installed in the brick cavity and pulled up to empty the cavity of fallen mortar so as not to clog the weep holes at the bottom.
This system became an inspection issue that was not always enforced.

Then came a system that you did not have to worry about it.

And there are different kinds.

And they all revolve around making sure the moisture, if any from condensation, will exit the cavity as designed.





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I have seen this used before on condo buildings and seems to do a good job. Another thing that I have seen some masons do is put a 1x4 horizontally in the cavity that is pulled up the wall via wire on each end as the wall goes up. Seems to do a good job as well as far as keeping the cavity clean as the board seems to catch most of the mortar drippings. They do need to pull is up before they install the next set of wall ties or there will be a big problem!

That is no weep hole Juan. Sorry buddy.
That looks like shelf paper or shield but pan back with your image please.

This is a proper application for brick layout Juan. It is a rare as hens teeth in 1 and 2 unit homes.
. Sorry I have been away from the MB.
The reason you rarely see weep holes in residential because it is not called for on one and two unit residential homes. . That was as of last year. I have not opened up my 2012 IRC book that much. I am busy, Unfortunately not working the way I should.
Hear are screens or weep holes. I think I remember what they feel like. :frowning: Been to long.

I’d like to see the day residential here use a system like Sure Cavity.!!

This is what you will be lucky to see, if anything.




Yes Marcel. I concur.
An excellent simplistic system that is tried and true.

Juan. I am mistaken about 1 and 2 unit homes and brick veneer.
Mr. Adair or the BARR as his friends call him has sent me a personal email to address the issue. I am so sorry.Please excuse my short comings buddy.
R703.7.6 Weepholes
R703.7.6 Weepholes. Weepholes shall be provided in the outside wythe of masonry walls at a maximum spacing of 33 inches (838 mm) on center. Weepholes shall not be less than 3/16 inch (5 mm) in diameter. Weepholes shall be located immediately above the flashing.

I am a little concerned with the verbiage myself. I will look some-more. All the best Juan. Again sorry buddy.