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Model # E-5
Serial # 3

I am guesstimating the unit to be in the 30 year range. Any help?

I have the E6 series as pre-1965

The E6 3 series is from 1970-1975

I don’t have any info on the E5 series but I think it precedes the E6 series.

Weil McLain’s # is 219-879-6561.

Try this site





I attended a CEU class presented by a Weil- McLain rep.

He stated he had to call to verify the ages many times and it is hard to reference there ages. The number I have for the Pittsburg office is 412-788-9345.

I have some nice handouts from the class. I could fax them to you.

He said a way to try to detemine the age was to look at items like the pump & valves as they may have dates on them. He also said that the may not be original components.

I dont see to many boilers but I have some excellent reference material he gave me.



I could not come up with a date on the unit or the related circulators / controllers. No service records, tickets and/or stickers indicating if the Boiler is under a service contract or has been recently serviced.

Thanks for the phone number. I will give it a try.

Reply from Weil McLain…
*Mr. Hagarty:

The Model E Series 3 boiler was manufactured 1970 through 1975.
Julie Brooks
Consumer Relations Representative