Weird framing for a Truss system, thoughts?

I attached the photos of the truss system I inspected this morning. No ridge board? The Trusses are also 24 inches on center for the most part. There is an area where they are less than 16 inches on center.

Not sure what to recommend here. Anyone have any recommendations?

Built in 88.

What makes you think it is a

I don’t believe I have ever seen a truss system with a ridge board and 24" on center is normal…16" o.c. is stronger, no?

The center struts do look a little out of alignment, though, and I can’t tell if there is any diagonal bracing needed from the pictures.

Were the center struts loose anywhere, especially on the bottom?

24" OC is fine, as with anything less. Typically truss members over 5’ have some type of bracing, stiff/strong back and/or horizontal bracing across the trusses is common practice. Blueprints should be reviewed to make a definitive recommendation.

That’s coming back to me now, Dave…10’ max spacing on lateral bracing (or, less distance on long spans for temporary),and as prints show for permanent.

What you have is a typical truss system. No visible issues. Trusses do Not have a ridge board. 24 inch on center is common.

You should consider brushing up on the Basic fundamentals of residential construction.

Truss systems don’t have ridge boards, and they are 99% of the time 24" OC. Is this the new norm now? Are we not getting the proper training anymore?

It would help immensely.

It appears so…CMI, too? :shock:

Yes get some training before you go out again and inspect. Possibly you should ride along with your Father who has 30 years construction experience. Why not ask him this question?

I am thinking of concrete tile roof systems I see here almost daily to
lighter materials would have different requirements .

Mr. Murphy, I am sorry but if you have been doing 20 years of Inspections and a CMI as you claim on your Website, and don’t recognize a standard roof truss system, you are definitely doing the public an injustice and falsifying your credentials to make an unethical charge for your services.

I would highly recommend another line of work to fit your capabilities.

First, I am not a CMI, nor have I ever said I am. I would recommend you read the entire page (instead of the header) before you assume, and go out of your way to insult them.

In this photo you can see a ridge beam.
Ridge board must not be the right terminology for this system. I know it’s not required but the truss webbing is at an angle I have never seen before. Not to mention an improperly supported package unit on the roof. I was asking for thoughts not insults. Thanks for the advice…

That’s not a ridge board. It’s part of gable end bracing, and not adequate for high wind loading. There is plenty of information out there on truss systems to research.

The center struts were twisted. And they look out of allignment to me. Ive seen 24 and 16 OC obviously. I just don’t normally see both used in one house.

Yes, we don’t see much of that up here. :slight_smile:

Patrick, my apologies for mistaking Tim for you on the CMI designation:

You would do well taking more classes, especially in framing.

Ask your questions and we will do our best to help you out, or, ask the CMI on your team. That stuff is pretty basic.

Good luck!

Did I post this in the wrong forum?
Are you guys like this to every new member when they ask basic questions?
Do you normally go out of your way to insult everyone?
I have been certified for 3 months…
I imagine the Internachi community expects a lot more out of you guys.

  1. there is a section for roofing specific if you want to get technical
  2. often
  3. prolly, odds may not be favorable depending on the moon phase
  4. glad you’ve made it
  5. some do, others dgaf

if your boss/tutor/mentor/associate that is listed as cmi & has 20 yr experience couldn’t answer your concerns
i’d question who i had aligned with

it’ll take some thick skin & more interaction around here before you & others gain any respect
it’s earned not freely given like a participation trophy
we have 3-10yr members that get & will continue to get much worse than you have experienced

How come there’s a BIG INACHI 20 year badge on the site?
What year did Tim become certified.
Nick told me memberships started in 1999…close, but no apple. :smile: