Welcome to the new IREP/Real Estate Professionals forum

Welcome, agents and brokers.

Okay I’ll go first. I’m willing to bet this forum will die a slow death and have very posts if any. Unless they are solicited.

But lots of views. We now have free, online, approved CE for real estate agents in every state. Are you old enough to remember when real estate agents paid to get the CE they needed to keep their licenses??? Oh wait, that was yesterday. That all changed today.

My wife has never paid for her RE CE courses. But thanks for letting us know with 50 plus post, RE agents can do it…

What website does she go to, to get them for free? I don’t know of any, and I’ve looked.

Her Broker provides them through Re/Max. But she’ll take a look at interNACHI’s also.

I was a RE/MAX agent for years. This is news to me. Do you mean classroom courses???

No, online courses. She hasn’t been to a class course since prior to Covid.

RE/MAX must buy them for their agents as part of their monthly fee. I’m going to contact headquarters (they are near me in CO) and give it to them for free.

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Maybe so and a part of the fee’s agents pay into Re/Max and to the broker, but free CE’s has always been included since she’s been associated with them. Again it may vary between broker firms, but she’s with one of the top brokers in the US.