Welcome to the official Inspection Support Network (ISN) forum.

Please join me in welcoming ISN.

Well! Ok! Howdy!


It’s gettin a little crowded around here.
How about a HIP forum…Huh?

Welcome Bro.

You calling Michelle a Bro?


Welcome aboard!

Welcome Everyone! Thoughts, comments, suggestions about ISN, you name it; hit us with them!

Thanks, Chris

How about an expense tracking feature:)

Whatever happened to the vendor forum?

Hello everyone and thanks Nick for encouraging us to have an ISN forum here!
If you have not heard about the Real Estate Dashboard (RED) from ISN check out this short video!
Have a great day everyone!

Link to your Privacy Policy please.

Dom doesn’t want it. Neither do I. The cost is too high for HIP, IMO. It’s perfect for HG, though!

Agree! When will Walmart have a forum?

Bob! It was great to see you in Vegas :slight_smile:

We (Myself and My Team) are happy to be here!

Hi Jeff :slight_smile:


Please note paragraph 3. Specifically the last sentence.

It reads …“In addition, we do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties.”

Nick agreed to a HIP users forum here without us having to give up ours. I’m still waiting for it though!

Nice. The HIP forum is too valuable to us Hippies to give it up!

But what about my Clients information? That is always my primary concern.
(No, I didn’t read through the policy yet. Later tonight).