Well Inspections

Any one know a reliable company that can do a well inspection in Apopka area. I do not see that many wells and many of them have associated treatment equipment that I am not familiar with.

The home I am inspecting today has a well and the client asked me to recommend someone for them as they are out of town.

If it is just water testing, I send my clients to the County Extension Services who provide a water test for $10.

Excellent validation for the esteemed CMI designation.:roll:

Call around, there are labs locally that will do it usually for around $x a sample. I keep a few sample jars in the vehicle. I charge usually $180 to do the testing as we have to run the sample jars to the lab by days end, or like Joe said, you can let them stumble in the dark trying to find out how to do it on their own within their inspection window. In the end, it’s usually you earning the money. Joe, if you want the lab info I use, let me know, it’s in downtown Tampa and I know you inspect out in East Tampa where wells are prevalent still.

How would one go about specializing in well inspections in the near future?

You have to find a lab that tests locally or somewhat locally. Just start calling around, that’s what I did. People know people who know people. Eventually you’ll get to someone that can help. Takes some effort though. Took me a few weeks as most labs process commercial size volume vs individual samples. Samples must be taken and returned same day usually. The labs usually either give out the sample jars free, or charge a minimal fee. The usual test is for total nitrates, and a second for total coliform bacteria. But there’s also lead, and other chemicals they can test for all at additional fees. Not many wells around here. Think I’ve inspected and sold 3 in the past year, but it’s still extra revenue. No licensure required here, just make sure it’s not required in your area (probably not as it’s filling a jar with water, really). Just make sure when you sample, you let the water run for a good 2-3 minutes before you fill the sample jar as you want fresh out of the well water, and not stuff that’s been sitting in the pipes for who knows how long.

Yeah Pete, I suppose you are familiar with checking the pump, water softener and all other treatment equipment that goes along with a well. Some of them are rather complicated.

Thanks for your well thought, helpful response.

What is so hard about checking the pump and pressure tank?

Come on, man. You are labeled a CMI! This stuff is basic.

Who said anything about checking water conditioner systems other than you?

You are welcome for this well thought, helpful response, Mr. CMI expert.

Thanks Glenn

Your right Pete, I did mention testing the water conditioning system. That is what is needed.

If you want to be helpful, leave a response with some useful information. If you just want to show that you are a jerk, then keep leaving the kind of responses you have so far.


Thank you for a more reasonable response than someone else who has a chip on his shoulder and simply wants to be a jerk.

In this case it is more than just testing the water. The equipment needs checked to verify that it is all working properly. I don’t check softeners or the other water treatment equipment. I was looking for a company that can check all of it.

I thought perhaps someone had worked with a reliable company rather than just going through the yellow pages.