Water Well Test

I’ve had a couple of requests recently for “water well testing”. Hopefully I’ll get more details in the morning, but I think it consists of taking a water sample to the Health Dept. If it were a well water recovery test, I could see the need for me to perform it. However if it’s just taking a sample to test the water quality, why wouldn’t the Realtor do it as a courtesy?
Have any of you been requested to perform this service?

All the time up here.

Total Coliform test $125
Total Coliform and Nitrates $145

Costs me $25 and $45 respectively.

Great service to offer if you know what you are doing.

It doesn’t sound like there’s much to know. Isn’t it just-picking up ajar from the Health Dept., filling it, then delivering it back to the H.D.?


O.K. Would you care to elaborate ordo you know where I can find more info?

I provide that service for private wells also.
I took Joe Farsetta’s class a couple years back, when he held it outside Denver, and was really glad I did.

It opened my eyes to special terms and conditions that I hadn’t thought about, or misunderstood.
In addition, I learned a lot about a “chain of custody” that you’ll need to understand,
in moving a sample from source to lab. And why its important.
I’d highly recommend it.

Here’s a short list of what is expected by my county extension agency:

To take a sample:

  1. You must obtain a bottle from the lab.
  2. Do not rinse bottle; a substance in the bottle preserves water in a state suitable for this test. Use only the bottle issued by this laboratory for sampling.
  3. Obtain sample from a stationary faucet (often in a bathtub) without an aerator or screen. Do not use a swivel faucet. Use a small brush and bleach to clean the opening where water leaves the faucet.
  4. Run cold water at least five minutes before taking a sample.
  5. Fill the bottle to line and replace lid at once. Do not touch the inside of the lid or bottle.
  6. Sample must be received by the lab within 30 hours of sampling. Refrigerate sealed bottle until delivery to the lab.

Thanks Steven.

I got one request a month or so back. The lender required it. In my case the realtor did take care of it.

Don’t know how far you are willing to travel to find a lab - but there is one in downtown Tampa (Thornton Labs) that has handled this for us in the past.