Well pressure tank appears to be buried in front yard. Ok?

Inspected a home with a well. Never saw the pressure tank. However, in the front yard, at the well head, inside a plastic bucket filled with insulation, was the pressure switch. 2 questions-

  1. I assume this means the pressure tank is down below there somwhere?
  2. How serious is this? Here in Indiana, we get to minus 10 degrees sometimes in the winter. I did not see any supplemental heating present. Just insulation around it.
    Frost line here is 36 inches.
    Thank you all

Some well pump are variable speed and don’t need a storage tank or a very small one.


the pressure tank can be anywhere, does not need to be next to the pressure regulator switch.
It will not be underground.

We have them underground in a vault all over in our tourist lake areas.

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That’s completely different then buried as he said. Technically a basement is underground. But you know what I meant. :wink:

In Minnesota, I had a buried pressure tank serving a drilled well on my property. Well-x-Trol manufactures them, specified for direct bury. In some circumstances, this is the best solution.


Never heard of that, but here in the Ozarks where I live, we have too much rock in the ground to bury much of anything.

Yep, Michael, we have those around here, too. In certain situations, they are perfect.