well water testing

Just wondering what others are using to test well water. Is there a company or lab you use to test the well water, and are you testing right from inside the house, or in the well filtering equipment? and about how much do you chare for this service if you offer it.

Sarasota Home Inspector

Go to the the Health dept

We sub it out, we can not do it as cheap as them.

EHS laboratories and http://www.ntllabs.com/about.html.

Steven, call the Sarasota health dept, they have sample jars, $25 a pop, have to pick them up, fill, and return. I’ve used them more than once on inspections that I’ve down in Sarasota.

You can take samples (2) and take them to the County Health Department and received results in about 7-10 days if they are busy. Use to do this all of the time for Bac-T’s in new water lines in construction. The department will instruct how to take the samples.