We're a Favorite Place on Google

Has anybody got this from Google?



I got one last week.

Still waiting for mine.

Guess the i phone guys get them first because the service is slower.

My calls are coming through just fine ,booked 3 today. You won’t get one Bob. People want originality not copycats!!:wink:

Actually I booked 3 yesterday (not kidding)
Guess your service is a full day slower.:stuck_out_tongue:

Just walked in from the Pullman district.

You’re FOS like your mentor!! What are you pullin’ Bob??

I am serious ,as it is rare in December ,but heck if you are getting calls we must all be booked. :slight_smile:

Just did one of those Landmark row houses.

These people said they called you and had bad connections and dropped calls. Must be that copycat Gargaloid phone of yours.:stuck_out_tongue:

What is this all about?