Call Centers

What do you guys think about this e-mail that I sent to Nathan from recallchek:

Hi Nathan,

I sent an e-mail a while back I think in September. I received an automated response from Mike that somebody was going to call me back. I never received a phone call. I was a returning customer because I went out of the country for a while. Who guarantee me that if I signed in for the call center I will get the best customer service that you provide? I have a recallchek and 90 days warranty and I think it will be a good decision. If I sign with you guys I need to make sure that you are going to sell my product. I am considering other call centers right now and I am going to be advertising heavily by the middle of February. Tell me why I should sign with your call center instead of others that are available?

Thank you,

And this was his reply:

Well, here’s the best reason;


I guess you get rewarded for waiting!

I’ll have James get in touch with you.

And then I Send this:

I got that e-mail Nathan. That’s why I e-mailed you. Everybody’s getting six months.

Then he send this:

Yes, every RecallChek user with our call center!

Notice, that I didn’t ask for anything free. Do you guys think that I should Join his call center?

They haven’t called me yet.

I will not reply to this post I just want to know your opinion.

Thank you,
Ps. I am having a wonderful day in sunny Southern California.:slight_smile:

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Yes, I noticed! 5 min after I post this thread.I was not available at that particular moment. That’s why I need a call center.

Do you want a lead broker to get the name, address, email address, and telephone number of everyone calling you before you know they even called?

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Apparently one that had to post on this message board, that you say no one reads but us losers, to get your attention.

Call centers are in business for one reason: to gain personal information from callers, who are your future clients. If you cannot answer your own phone, find another line of work. Things are free for a reason.

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The Thornberry school of business claims bigger is better.

Russel Ray says otherwise.

I’ll go with Russel Ray’s experience of doing both.


Why would you want a lead broker to get the name, address and telephone number of everyone calling you before you know they even called?

Even if your a home inspector willing to sell client information to lead brokers, isn’t it better to get paid for it than to give it to them for free?

Gary I don’t sell call center client info to ANYONE!

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Market that, Billy. It’s your niche.

No one should have a lead broker answering their phones and recording the private contact information from their prospective clients. As long as you stay out of the business of providing private data to lead brokers, yours should be the more trustworthy service, IMO.

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Can’t say one way or another, but the benchmark established by someone was 33,000 outbound lead calls per month.

Astonishing, actually.

Very astonishing. Lets do a little simple math. I’ll start.

Say each call averaged 2 minutes
= 66,000 minutes per month
= 1,100 hours per month
/ 360 hours (thirty 12 hour days)

It appears another one of Thornberry’s illusions busted by simple math. I’m sure Nate will update you using the same fuzzy math he used to calculate the value of his products. :wink:

Here’s a more humorous statistic.

Remember … these are only the people who have agreed to a call. LOL

Have no fear, though. He’ll be along, soon, to spin this back into reality with a hundred or so telemarketers spread across the USA (aka as leasing a telemarketing service’s boiler room).

Kinda confused…maybe it is more than one person calling…Your numbers are correct if it is just ONE person. But I think he has more than that…

My numbers are correct no matter how many telemarketers (people) he has employed.

We see it differently…if he has two people working it is thirty (6) hour days…but see it as you want to.