We're creating/printing NACHI brochures listing local members for every chapter.

One of the reasons we recently updated the www.nachi.org/chaptersites.htm system to include a listing of local members is to facilitate this project. Remember… no matter how far away you live from a NACHI Chapter, you can still join one, or form one yourself.

These brochures will be sent to the real estate offices in the respective market areas. This project is in reaction to many real estate offices implementing in-house rules that prohibit agents from recommending individual inspectors for fear of negligent referral claims.

Let me know if your chapter is interested by emailing fastreply@nachi.org There is no charge to chapters or members for this marketing.

Lisa is working with a couple chapters now on this and we will post various brochure designs soon. The new brochures will reference sites like www.InspectorLocator.com so members should make sure they have their ancillary services listed www.nachi.org/ancillary.htm

That’s pretty cool Nick Thanks.

I’d like to be on board with this-

Years ago, we spearheaded this concept in Colorado by making a generic-looking flyer,
“Your List if Certified Inspectors
In the Front Range Area”
and distributing it to the RE offices.

It looked like a plain-vanilla flyer that would have come out of the Consumer Info Ctr in Pueblo.

Great idea! Please include Space Coast NACHI in the brochure roll-out.

Great! NACHI Chicagoland is on board as well.

I will send a list.

How does one get listed as a “member” of a chapter? I’ve attended chapter meetings in Berks Co and Pittsburgh, PA and Frederick and Linthicum, MD, but I don’t know if I’m listed as a “member” anywhere.

Thanks Will:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great Lakes - East chapter in Michigan is on board with this program.

I was planning on doing the same thing almost, with our chapter membership. You have just saved me a lot of work, time and money.

I’m Excited!!

Please add the Northeast Florida Chapter to the program.

I think you need to add your list of members to your chapter site on the NACHI system and they will draw from it.

Ditto for Wisconsin, but don’t forget to send the request to fastreply@nachi.org too!

What happened with this?

Is someone still working on this?

On 8-1/2" X 14" paper I put together a Double Gate Fold Brochure, still in the design stage, for the great Lakes-East Chapter. I used the “Sellers & Realtors Take Note” Brochure that someone else designed recently and made some modifications to it.

I added the chapters logo to it, Find An Inspector, NACHI Elite Inspectors logo , a regional map of Michigan & listed each member of the chapter divided into regins.

Looks good but still a work in progress.

HI Nick & Lisa!
Please include the New Hampshire State Chapter in this list.