Reach 1,000 Real Estate Agents for $150.

I’m not that great at math, but it sure sounds like a heckuva deal to me!

I think it would depend on what was advertised on those other 27 cards. If it is a package of 28 inspectors then I think there are better ways to be promoted as a group.

They are doing it for local chapters. REALTORs are ending up with a pack of post cards from all the local inspectors… no matter who they choose… they choose a NACHI member.

We’re doing it big in Tampa next.

I hope that it works out well for the chapters. I had intended on speaking with them about doing brochures for the chapters. Do you have anything in the works with them on that?


Greg, Rob just emailed me an idea about doing an 8" by 11" Chapter brochure listing all the local members. Give him a call, we can do it first for your chapter.

That will be like what I created in Colorado; we made it look like a “plain vanilla” flyer, like it came from some type of gov’t advisory agency, to use only certified inspectors, & had everyone’s info listed inside.

Of course, it can also be an advertising brochure, glossy & pretty, instead.

I’d like to have the details on that, so I can promote it as I give talks to both existing and forming chapters . . .