WH vent pipe

I never saw this before - it looks like a dryer hose connected to the wh. All the references I have indicate a single walled metal pipe to be used as a gas appliance vent connector. Aside from that fact that it’s not screwed into the collar, this one doesn’t seem right. Any thoughts?

wh vent.JPG

not even close

Yeah, this one was not double-walled and the ends were cut eliminating any labeling that might signify an approved material. I thought so. Thanks for the replies.

Hi Bill,

Looks like Dura Connect, single wall is fine until it goes through a ceiling. Was there double wall going through the attic?

I see these installations here regularly at newer homes, no problem.

Except for the missing connectors. . .

I think that was mentioned “Senior Zinsco”----:lol:

My point being - the connector is absolutely necessary at the B-vent transition. If it doesn’t have the proper connector, well, then it’s improper :mrgreen:

I cannot see the ceiling in the picture, but your (invisible observations) would be correct if the proper connector(s) is-are missing—:stuck_out_tongue:

By the way…what’s with NO Zinsco Pictures for the LONGest time?..I truly MISS THEM “Mr. Santa Zinsco Clarita”—Cookin Baby…Cookin—:ack!:

You still in the “Inspection Business”?—:lol:

OK…I’d be happy to see at least one Federal Pacific doing a little cookin—:twisted:–:lol:…work with me ole buddy—O:)

Agreed. (Don’t overlook the insulation too close to the draft hood and vent pipe.)

Good call Dale - Dura Connect - a new one for me. Jeff, you got it right too - no connector at top or bottom. So: proper vent connector with improper connections at the wh and b vent. I love this bb! :slight_smile:
Much appreciated guys.

Hi Bill…I was just looking at my link…you know, I think that is rated as Type-B…but I am not positive…it says one inch clearance to combustibles as “B”…but I do not know the rating of the material without doing a little more digging.

Jeff Pope may know whether it’s “B” rated or not even being single wall.

I know it DOES NOT bend all that easy (i’ve tried it)…really some tough material.

Oh…and I forgot about the “Twist Lock Connectors” which was cut from the portion you have posted at the draft hood.

From Dura Connect website:

**(http://www.hartshearth.com/productcart/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=71) > 4" Dura-Vent B-Vent


What about me! :cry:

Joe - you got it right too!!!:smiley:

I just came across this at an inspection yesterday. This doesn’t look right to me, what do you guys think?