WH Vent

Can pvc be used for water heater vent material, and can it be run through an exterior wall for venting outside. Never saw it like this in 11 years and we have few gas heaters in Fla. The window it’s near opens only at the bottom and the termination is 4 feet from that part. Should it terminate 4’ above the top of the window?



It’s common for induced draft direct vent water heaters to use PVC. check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure it OK for this water heater.
I would recommend a course screen(1/2" mesh) on the vent discharge fitting to prevent critters from entering.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

Lou - those heaters/vents are more and more common here in VA. They do not allow them to discharge beneath windows, doors or decks, and if to the side of windows must be 6’ away and above the window level. Also, Michael’s screen comment is right on - here the plumbers install a special end cap which has a small lip inside for the mesh to reside. Often I do not see the mesh and suggest it in the report (same goes for High Efficiency Condensing Gas Furnaces - PVC vent terminations with a lip for mesh…)

Sorry, I just looked at your pics and the lip is there on the termination end. Also, inside, is that disimilar metal contact oxidation or a pin-hole leak clogging itself with minerals? I see some funky build up… Here they require 18" of copper betwen the heater and the CPVC. I have never seen galvanized used! Different strokes for different states… or something like that.

I also see that there is no proper transition fitting between the galvy and the CPVC like THIS