What am I seeing here???

This is a remote (sub panel) in a attached garage. A wire comes off the upper left breaker loops around the top and terminates under the right breaker bus. Can someone explain to me what is going on? I never saw this before.

Aaron Klein 103.JPG

Aaron Klein 103.JPG

Aaron Klein 103.JPG

Aaron Klein 107.JPG

Aaron Klein 108.JPG

Spit bus.

The 50 A Breaker feeds the lower (split) bus.

And there should be another welded in this manner from the other pole of the breaker to the other lower bus.

Thank you Michael, I have heard of split bus panels before. I never realized the wire came off of the breaker and attached to the other breaker bus like this! I have to admit I was a little alarmed when I saw this! It looks like the hot wire from the breaker is in contact with the panel enclosure.

Have a blessed day!

The diagram on the door panel is helpful too. :wink:

AH good point : )