What are these parts on a boiler?

If this is a easy question then by all means answer away :smiley:

This was a large boiler servicing 2 apartments.




The leaky part? :wink:

You kind of asked for that.

Probably a zone control of some type I have not seen.

Here are a few more pics of the system.

“The Leaky Part?” - That may be the answer I gave the client when he asked me!

fyi I can handle being picked on. :frowning: :freaked-:




Zone controls

What’s the fan for?

That is just a mototized control head for a valve I have worked on a couple of million of those dudes they come in 24 volt or 120 volts

Dry out the catch pan?

The fan I told the client I couldn’t figure out why that was there myself. It was just aimed up at the ceiling and there was something like a vent or duct there but it was really hard to get my head in that spot and see. I recommended he ask the current owner about it. Since they have been there like 40yrs and I figure they must have obviously installed it.

“Heat recovery system”! :wink:

Or building humidifier :wink:

OK so today when I had to pick up the radon (where the 85 yr old owner opened the windows on me ignoring my directions laying on his table and with the canisters :slight_smile: ) I asked the owner what these parts were and he said zone controls that leak… So question is are these things suppose to have covers and does the leaking mean replace or repair???

They do have covers and can be rebuilt.

Generally used to modulate temperature of the water supplied to the radiators or heat exchanger, via a thermostat or outdoor air temperature sensor. They can also be controlled by a 4-20ma signal or proportional control.

If this were mine, I’d replace the packing, clean and relubricate it, find a cover if possible.

Thank You

Chad is correct they can be used anywhere a valve needs to be automatically opened , closed or modulated and they have a packing gland like anyother riseing stem valve