What are these plugs?

Did an inspection today on a 2020 build, block and stucco.

Not entirely sure what these plugs are doing. Any thoughts?

It’s no where near the Heat Pump or the air handler or the main service panel.

I realize it’s a conduit cap of some sort, I just can’t figure out why. My wild ass guess is a plumbing clean out, but it’s not near the sink or toilet or anything wet. Just sorta in the middle of the wall.

From the product description:

“Tom-Kap™ is a threaded cleanout adapter fitting that cements inside pipe providing a flush-finished cleanout for drain, waste, and vent systems. It reduces installation cost and simplifies rough-in. Tom-Kap™ is recommended for use on schedule 40, SDR-35 and foam core.”



Yep! David was on just before me.

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You found a better link :+1:

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Treatment plugs?
Where they every so many feet?

Thanks everyone. So it’s a clean out. Of what? Who knows.

Just struck me as an odd place to put them.

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