What are these stains on comp

Opinion please. Round stains on 10 year old comp. Not hail. Areas are under tree canopy. Attic below very poorly ventilated. I have seen moss growing on shingles and wonder if this is same. Pattern is only in two shaded places. Pics attached.

What kind of tree? I see some pits or something sitting on the roof. If they are a fruit or have a meaty covering, those could just be stains from previous pieces that have rotted in place. I see it with cherries up here in the NW.

Good question. One was Pecan the other ?.

My guess is the pecans. While the nut is forming, the inside of the shell is filled with liquid. This liquid will stain your hands and cloths black. It might very well stain the roof surface in a similar manner. It happens when squirrels or insects damage the shell and the liquid seeps out.

JC, acorns in your pix

wag: squirrel trash, white seed pulp release oils, stains radiate from their remnants

of the client’s a sprout eater tell 'em it’s holistic preservative

JC, acorns in your pix

“100% natural holistic shingle preservative”

wag: squirrel trash, white seed pulp release oils, stains radiate from their remnants

Mr. Adair seems to be correct on several fronts here.

Seeing you have taken a great photo I reached in and grabbed the suspect nut/seed to confirm it’s identity.
To my disbelief I was able to extract the nut/seed through my screen.:shock:

Only happens on certain days/nights.:wink:

It is getting near fall. Animals/rodents/fowl will have a steady supply of nuts and seeds.
To me an animal/rodent was feasting on the new harvest of Acorns.
They also urinate frequently when they intake large amounts of moisture.

The seeds and nuts will loose the RH content in the months ahead.
They will sustain animals/rodents/fowl that use this rich source of protein and carbohydrates over the long winter months ahead.

Sorry to get off thread for a minute but;Remember Smoky the Fire says “Only you can prevent Bears.”:wink:
Easy with the fires when hunting!!

Diagram of the anatomy of an acorn: A.) Cupule B.) Pericarp (fruit wall) C.) Seed coat (testa) D.) Cotyledons (2) E.) Plumule F.) Radicle G.) Remains of style. Together D., E., and F. make up the embryo.

Me thinks you got it.:slight_smile:

In the second image 2jpg suspect nut remnants

Those are about the ugliest shingles I’ve ever seen!

The dark sections and the irregular patterns are meant to imitate slate/shake shadowing.
Yep not very attractive.


Look like oil stains to me and only in the one location, not spread across the roof. Could simply be the guys operating a pneumatic roofing nail gun decided at that point to oil their gun is it was starting to fail or jam. I have had to stop and add a couple of drops while doing a big job and that tiny hole on the air inlet is hard to hit if you are all thumbs, tired and in a hurry.

You know the old saying “put a little hair on the hole” and your find it easily enough. Oppps…