What are we going to do with...

Palin’s husban? This is a real concern for me. I am starting to think this may not be such a bright ideal.

What the hell are we going to do with guy?:-k

Hmmm I see your point. What a quandary!!

Somebody has to take care of the kids.

They will both be back in Alaska before you know it. :mrgreen:

Damn, Brian. You just messed up my fantasy!! Now I gotta start all over again.

He obviously does not wear the pants anymore. It is a shame ( but a gift too) they have that infant to care for. He can’t just go off snow machine riding now because she is going to be way to busy trying to win the election. I guess he will become a “traveling stay at the hotel dad”.

I can see the tabloids now with these sour photos of him while Sarah hands him the baby and telling him “not now dear and to take the baby back to the hotel”.

In the back of his mind that is just what he maybe hoping for.:slight_smile:

With the upcoming loss it might not be too bright for him to quit his day job, ya know? :smiley:

Some guys have all the luck! Just hang out with the kids at the White House all day! I would have a big pond stocked in the back for my morning task of bringing the kids fishing. Man, what a life!

“Honey, when you get through bombing the Russians, could you come and read the kids a good night story?”

“Honey, the ambassador from Russia is here, do want me to call the pentagon for you, right after we get through with helping the kids with their homework?”

“Honey, what color do you want all those new stealth fighters painted, something blue like little Jimmy’s room?”

“Honey, if you need me, I will be sleeping in the back hammock. Let me know if you need me?” Say Hi to
everyone in the cabinet for me. Someone has to do this job … :slight_smile:

Yea your right, he better keep his contacts. I bet it will all start sinking in once America starts to wounder if we really need a woman.:slight_smile:

After seeing him on stage holding the baby and her walking hand to hand with McCain, I am thinking this may not be such a great idea.

It looked wierd too me.

I never thought I would hear these words so proudly said at a Republican convention, He (Palin’s husband) is also a member of the Teamsters Union. This is a sign of the Apocalypse.

Short term bounce then a general unraveling into chaos, it won’t be pretty.

Gotta love it man!:slight_smile:

I do not claim any political association. With that said, I would be cautious about anyone making predictions. What if you are wrong? That is a lot of crow to eat, and served by many.

I’ve been wrong before, big friggin’ deal, there is always tomorrow. If I went through life worrying about being wrong I’d never accomplish anything or get anywhere.