Obama's headed for Hawii...

probably to take his money and make sure his fake Birth Certificate is taken care of. Or maybe to, “Take Care” of his white grandparents, to keep them silent. :roll:

And you call yourself a Christian, unfortunately you the only one who sees you that way. :twisted:

What, Christians cannot have suspicions? Are we all supposed to be blind and ignore the truth, like you? I bet I am not the only one who thinks like this.

…Of course not.

Which is why psychiatry is such a lucrative field to get into.

Bloody funny Bob, greenie for that one :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:



Be careful Bob, Will D. might come back and expose your true side even more.

Thanks for yet another one of your Anti-Obama-Rama turds of wisdom. Karl Rove must be proud.

Nick, Confucious say, “Man who straddle fence, turn into woman”

Ken, Nick say, “One who drink too much fear flavored GOPaide, is NeoConArtist fool”

Ken, I don’t think Nick is straddling the fence if you are reading his posts the same way I am! :wink:


Nick is just mad as hell and I don’t blame him. I am too.

Just razzing him! I am mad as hell too! I can say in comfort that I am mad as hell at both parties not just one!

Damn right! Both the democRATS and Repugnantcans need to be tossed out. I’m sick of this garbage campaigning sustaining them. Its no wonder why this country is crashing faster than a McCain-piloted military aircraft.