What certification organization is best?

As a vendor I have been to all the shows and I have seen how each org treats their members. As you can see many InterNACHI members love their org and rightfully so. This is true with ASHI and NAHI. It is easy to bash the other guys as a reason why you should join. I sell software and have many competitors. It would be easy to tell you my software is best because theirs are not.

I recommend researching the members benefits page of all orgs. The entry requirements, fees, renewals and compare each one. See if any of them are looking ahead and do they have good ideas and plans for their members in the future. I would also recommend trying to locate a local meeting near you (InterNACHI, ASHI, NAHI). Meet the people and see which one feels right for you.

Russell Buchanan of www.InterNACHIgauge.com recommends InterNACHI as the best organization to join by far!!! Russell writes:

Thanks for recommending InterNACHI exclusively Russell! :cool:

Russell, as a vendor you shouldn’t favor InterNACHI so overtly. I recommend that you be a bit more neutral when discussing other associations.

I mean really… pretty close to tatooing InterNACHI to your forehead :wink:

Not a bad idea… hmmm


Hi Justin…

From one Justin, to another Justin… NACHI is a great investment!!! It has more than paid for itself… and this is coming from a conservative tight guy when it comes to spending money for business expenses…

Join us! You won’t regret it!
Justin Watts

I looked at all of the different organizations and compaired them side by side. My choice (soon) is NACHI. They have an abundance of information in every aspect of home inspections. I have NOT found that to be true of other organizations. This is truly a organization directed to the betterment of the home inspection business.Their articles are by far the best in the industry.

Also, there is no heirarchy of Inspectors with NACHI… CREIA, ASHI, they have what is called “associate” memberships… it gives “seniority” to other inspectors, especially with listings if someone is looking for an inspector in your area.

I have learned so much from NACHI for $289 a year, you can’t go wrong!

Join InterNACHI where the rubber hits the road! Or something like that?:wink: I can’t imagine any other organization being a better place to hang my hat.

PS: Now hurry up and get started so we can all officially greet you!

Well did you do it yet?:slight_smile:

Not yet. What is the appropriate order of things. I just started researching home inspecting as a career. I hope to take the online exam ASAP. At what point should I join NACHI. Would it benefit me to join now, before I even took the exam, or is that even possible? I just have so many questions I don’t know where to begin. I have already learned a lot just from reading some posts on this board and reading through this site. Thanks for everyone’s help so far!!!


Before you spend to much money figure out what you can realistically expect to make for your services.

If you are doing business for real your costs (including ytur living, health care, disablity and retirement) will likely be at least $80K or more.

The other of that is that you as one person trying to run a business will have about 150 days available for doing home inspections after you do all the rest of the things like marketing, training, business operations plus the things like days off and vacations

If you’re looking at someone charging 300 or 400 per inspection and thinking they are rolling in the dough I have some bad news for you. Chances are they are slowly going down the tubes.

I say this to you to bring some realism to what can be a starry eyed process. Which often ends up with a new HI figuring he can build a profitable business by doing inspections for $200 and raising his price later (you can’t and you can’t)

Keep in mind that you springing on the scene will not make the phone ring. You can figure on no income for at least the first year (or two). And maybe some income in year 3 and maybe profit by year 5. (if you stay around that long)

I would go with NACHI, Which after researching ASHI (A definate no for me!) and other organizations, NACHI wins hands down. As you have probably discovered, NACHI and its members are very helpful and supportave, even if you are not a member.

I have not joined, as yet, but as I continue to put a business plan togeather, With much thanks to NACHI members great advice, it is by far the best.

Another advantage are the great articles generated by Nick and others, that are free, and much can be learned from all of their years of experience.

I look forward to getting my business plan up and running, and njoining NASH.